GRADUATION!!! The time is FINALLY here! It’s one of the biggest moments in our lives. It's when us girls are thrust into a world with no rules, no parents, and college and/or career responsibilities. And as we all know that with this comes the hunt of a graduation dress…dun dun dunn. We all want to look great on last day of being high schoolers or college students so what kind of dress would be a modest way to go out in style (and not sweat to death). So here’s some tips to help with the search process!
For most of us graduation can be very hot especially if it’s outside so it’s very important to pick a dress that’s light weight and won't cause you to sweat in your cap and gown. The best breathable materials would be a silk material, an Egyptian cotton, or thin linen. You should stay away from any stretchy latex or polyester material or any stiff crinoline. I found some really nice dresses at forever21.com and CharlotteRusse.com. They are light-weight, cute and of course, modest! The top left one would need a white/cream cami under it though! I hope you guys can get some ideas from what I posted! (I know some schools require you to wear all white but mine does not so I’m going off what my school would require)


  1. I love that last one! I would probably wear a tank top underneath it though, because of the top. A plain white tank top (not racerback though, they show bra straps!!!) is a great thing to have on hand, because it can make pretty much any dress modest, even spaghetti staps and strapless!

  2. I think that the top white dress is too short, but they are all really cute!

  3. I like the cream colored one!!! It is soo pretty!!!



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