Spring 2010 Fashion

Spring has arrived, and so have two funky new trends: “bold colors” and “patterns and prints”! Sound a little intimidating? Fear no more! In this post, I’ll be discussing how to wear both of these trends.

Colors for this season are bright electric shades of yellow, orange, pink, tomato red, green, and blue. Lighter pastel shades of turquoise, purple, and light coral are also in.

Pants and skirts are being sold in these bold, electric colors, as well as tops. So how do you wear these bright colors?

Be Bold. If you’re wearing bold colors, you might as well go all out! It will keep the intensity of the color palette the same and create fluidity. Use the color wheel to make bright matches.

The colors across from each other (complimentary colors) always make appealing matches.


Match the same color. Wearing matching tops and bottoms not only looks bright and beautiful, but it can also create a slimming affect. You can even try layering with a camisole that matches with the shirt you’re wearing it under:


Use the color wheel. Besides colors across from each other, you can try colors right next to each other, too. You can hardly go wrong with side-by-side shades.


Beauty Trends you can go BOLD with!

*Free Tip*
You can use the color wheel for makeup, too! Choose the complimentary color to your eye for the color of your eyeshadow and it will make your eyes pop!

Try using bright polish on your nails, using one of these tricks with the color of you clothing. Bright red lips are also in. If you choose to do this, use natural eye shadow colors instead of the “free tip” above so you don’t overdo it. You don’t want to look like you just came out of the 80’s!

If you aren’t the type to go so bold, choose a bright colored top to pair with trusty jeans. And let me tell you, I’m loving this boyfriend jean trend! If you can find some without holes and tears in them, they’re a great alternative to the leg-compressing, curve-hugging jeans.

Another idea would be to wear bright leggings and accessories with a simple knee-length black dress. It’s a great way to give that classy conservative dress a whole new funky look!

The next new trend is patterned/printed clothes. How on earth can you wear these? What matches with it? Can you really mix patterns?

Yes, you really can mix patterns! However, don’t overdo it. If your pants are a large, bold print, like in the photo above, pair it with a top that has a smaller, neater print. If you’re not into printed bottoms (as in it reminds you too much of the 70s!), you can try this trend with skirts instead of pants. For example, you can wear a smaller print striped top with large print floral skirt (like the picture below), or you can wear a large checked plaid top with smaller animal print-ed skirt.

Keep it around the same color. If you contrast the colors with this trend, it can look like WAY overkill. An easy way to avoid this problem is to match colored prints with black and white prints.

If you’re not sure what you can wear with your new patterned pants, balance it out. Wear a solid top that matches with one of the colors in the pattern. This tip can save you from making a huge fashion boo-boo. So remember, when in doubt, balance it out. But don’t let that keep you from having fun with this trend!


  1. Love the bright colored shirts, pants etc!! I totally love to have a bright colored shirt on to make you stand out, it is also cool to have a neat saying on it to get your point across!! Great place to find t-shirts with cool saying would be Deb's but you also have to be careful too because they have some rude sayings also!!! I love reading your blog! GREAT job!!

  2. Great tips! As a fan of brights, I love the idea of the color wheel for matching. Mixing prints is fun, too, and those are great ideas for someone just starting out!
    alltumbledown:a modest attempt at style



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