A Girl's Life Fashion Week - Day 8...LAST DAY!!!

I hope you've been enjoying the fashion show! I'm so sad it's the last day, aren't you?

Going to the park and/or on a hike
What will you wear when the weather is chilly and you’re enjoying God’s great outdoors?

Color is gracing the leaves of trees this time of year and the scent of autumn fills the air. It’s so lovely to be outside and take a hike through the woods or a walk in the park. What do you wear that’s cute and warm, appropriate for the nippy fall weather? Link below! Direct links only, please.


  1. Ha, just realized...you will have to forgive the fact that my outfit is not "nippy weather" proof. lol But the weather has been swinging all over the place here, some days are freezing and some are as toasty as summer. ;)

  2. Hi Sarah, Haylie and Madeline!
    I would just love to thank you all for this fashion show! I have had such fun and I really enjoyed it. It's an awesome idea you had and I would definitely enter again if you had another one! Well done to you all!
    God bless and lots of love

  3. Jerica (RaspberryRainfall)October 9, 2010 at 12:36 PM

    I had a lot of fun with the fashion week! Thanks for putting it together! :)



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