Vote For Your Favorites!

The online fashion show has now come to an end! Who do you think should be the top 3? You have the chance to voice your opinion! Over on the sidebar, select the three lovely ladies you think showed the most trendiness, style, and creativity while still being modest. Or you can just vote for the one contestant you think should win to help bump her up.

The judges are putting all of their votes together and the results should be up in a couple of weeks (or hopefully less)! Help us see who you like and it might influence our votes. But be fair, don’t vote for yourself!

Here are links to the contestants blogs who participated in five or more days and are eligible to help remind you why they deserve to win:

The Funner Life

Raspberry Rainfall

Genuine Beauty

Yours Truly (scroll down to “A Girl’s Life Fashion Week”)

The Modesty Blog

Bramblewood Fashion

The Creative Daisy

Live For Today

Fashion is a poem, not a rhyme (click "Older Posts" at the bottom)

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