It's Comfy Cozy PJ Time!

Christmas has come and gone, but the joy of after-Christmas sales is upon us. For me, this means trying my hardest to not buy any more clothes... how hard can it be? Very! So, instead of purchasing a top that looks almost identical to the one in your closet, invest in some comfy, cute sleepwear!

Rue21 has a large selection of sleepwear at reasonable prices. From robes to slippers, plush pants to footies, you can find something you like at Rue21.

This pair of plush pants cost $14.99. They have a variety of designs, but the monsters are, by far, my favorites.

For those who like to be extremely warm, you can try the footies! Rue21 has a few different designs for $19.99.

For working out or just hanging around the house, sweatpants are the way to go! Rue21 has a variety of different lengths, colors, designs and styles for $14.99.

Robes can serve many different purposes. For whatever purpose you use them for, Rue21 has them for $19.99.

Slippers are a great way to keep your feet warm and adorable! These bootie slippers cost $14.99.

Blankets are something most teen girls don't think of buying, but when it comes to this warm, plush blanket for $16.99, we can't pass it up!

Next time you're out shopping, make sure to look at the PJ's and remember, please do not wear them out in public. :)

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