Holiday Makeup Tips!

Oh how I love Christmastime! EEK!! *Squeals with joy* Christmas is only three days away!!
As I'm am typing this, I'm staring out the window at a field covered in fresh fallen snow. A multitude of snowflakes are dancing through the wind as cheery Christmas music plays from my favorite Pandora play list. *Happy sigh*. Haha, ok I'll get on with it...
With Christmas only three days away, you're bound to be attending a Holiday party, caroling with friends, or getting ready for a Christmas Eve service. Below, are some fun holiday makeup tips that will add sparkle to your outfit (literally LOL).

Gold Eyeshadow

Apply some shimmery gold and eye shadow to your eyelids, applying less as you get closer to your brow bone. Don't put too much on, you want to look as natural as possible and just add a little sparkle.
CoverGirl has some gold eye shadow, pictured below (that may not be the exact gold color).

Sparkly "Snow Covered" Eyelashes

After putting on gold eye shadow, apply your favorite mascara. Just one or two strokes. Next, while holding your eyelid up with a Qtip, apply a small amount of silver eye shadow on your eye lashes, which are still wet from the mascara. It will look like shimmery snow on your eye lashes!

If you choose to do the two looks described above, go easy on everything else. If you're focusing on eyes, you want to put only a small amount of makeup, or none at all, on your cheeks and lips.
Apply some soft pink blush to your cheeks, or if you're going caroling, your cheeks will turn naturally pink and you won't need any at all! Then put on some soft pink lip gloss and you're set to go!

Want a simpler look? Red lipstick. Just some bold, red, holiday lipstick. Nothing on your eyes or cheeks (maybe a light amount of mascara). And you're ready for a holiday party!
CoverGirl's red lipstick:

Here is a holiday makeup tutorial on YouTube I found very helpful!
I have viewed this video and think it's appropriate (maybe just tone it down on the makeup and make it look more natural!) although I have not viewed all the videos on Bubzbeauty's channel, so they might not all be appropriate. Please view other videos at your own risk.

Well, girls, I hope you found this post helpful! If you're wondering what to wear to a Christmas Eve service or holiday party, check out some of the past posts from other girls on here, you're sure to find some great ideas!

I'm off to go skiing!
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Ooh, great post! I love gold eyeshadow and red lipstick (though i've never tried them together) =]



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