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It’s Valentine’s Day, and even if you don’t have a special someone, romantic looks can be very feminine and beautiful. The romantic look is soft and subtle, but makes a point. If you’re a girl who likes lace, ruffles and pink, this look might be for you!

The first step to a romantic look is a skirt. Lacy skirts, ruffled skirts, pleated skirts. Skirts epitomize femininity. Choose a skirt or a dress in a soft pastel, like pale pinks, blues, or purples, or more neutral colors like beige or grey. Black may also work if softened with very small floral prints, or if coordinated with gentler colors, like in the picture below.

Tops are either flowy, made of fabrics such as chiffon or silk, or tighter fitting with lace or ruffles. Be careful to not overdo it. If you choose a flowy skirt, choose a more fitted top. If you choose a flowy top, wear fitted pants or a pleated pencil skirt instead of a flowy skirt. Don’t wear lace-on-lace or ruffles-on-ruffles. It can quickly look like too much.

Jewelry that works well with this style is small and pretty, sometimes vintage. Avoid statement jewelry for this look. To make a statement instead, wear delicate scarves, like silk or lace. Top it off with a flower or bow headband. Wear some dainty flats, wedges, or kitten heels on your feet, but avoid shoes too sassy, like pumps or stilettos.

Hair for this style is generally worn long, with big waves or soft curls. Everything is loose and natural-looking. If your hair is not naturally wavy or curly, use a large barrel curling iron for bigger spiral curls or create loose waves with a flat iron. Updos look effortless and feminine, like in this video:

The makeup is also very soft and feminine, mainly with pinks and whites. If you have a cool skin tone, opt for pinks on the rose side, but if your skin tone is warm, go for corals. Here is a photo of me with my favorite romantic makeup look:

Foundation for this look should be the same shade as your skin or a shade lighter for a pure and angelic, flawless look. Avoid too dark foundation or bronzer, it may come off as “beach-girl”-ish.
Blush is key. It gives you that feminine glow from within. If you use enough, you can go light on the rest. Blend it in well so it looks natural.
Highlight below the arch of your brow and around your tear duct with your white eyeshadow.
Cool skin-toned ladies: Use a darker pink to highlight your brow bone and a lighter pink on your eyelid. Warm skin-toned ladies: Use a brown to highlight your brow bone and a beige on your eyelid. Wearing the darker colors on your brow bone and the lighter colors on your lid will give you that innocent big eyes look.
Long dark lashes are a must for a romantic look but clumps are a no-no. Use a good lengthening mascara in black, then go back through with a toothpick or a clean disposable mascara wand to separate and get rid of clumps.
Finally, complete the look with sheer glossy lips. You can use a lip plumping gloss for kissable lips.
You may also use an eye liner in black or brown to define your eyes to add to the big eye look. Use a pencil or crayon instead of a liquid liner for a softer line. This step is optional, but it will define your lashes and make them look thicker.

Romantic not your style? Find out what your clothing personality is by taking this quiz:


  1. Awesome Sarah!
    BTW~ LOVE your hair color!!!!

  2. Sarah, thanks for posting! I just wanted to share my "romantic" look! My dominant color characteristic is "clear", which means neither cool nor warm, but halfway between the two. For my "warm" colors, I wear a base of matte brown eyeshadow with sparkly pink or muave on the lids. I line with a copper pencil because it's not as harsh as brown. For cool colors, I wear brown eyeshadow with silvery blue on the lids. Then I line with a khaki or charcoal-colored pencil instead of black.



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