Valentine's Day Party

If any of you are anything like me, you have a stack of dresses in the back of your closet from the last prom/wedding/event that you attended (and all the ones before that!).  Chances are that your friends have a stash in the back of their closet as well.  I know that I'll take out one or two and put them on (and then proceed to dance around the house because no one is home) and it's so much fun. :)

So anyway, back to my point.  We've got dresses in the back of the closet. We're girls who like to look pretty and get dressed up.  And we've got friends who have the same thing going on. So what does that combination sound like?  A party. Yep. :)

It is time to let all of your friends know really quickly that you'd like to host a Valentine's day party (no boys allowed! At least, that's what I say to my guy friends).   Tell your friends a date and time and throw a spur of the moment Valentine's Day party where every one dresses up.  Then be creative in what you do.  You could have a time to show off your lovely dresses.  Have a photo shoot.  Act out a drama (acting is always so much more fun when you're all dressed up!)

Maybe this will become a tradition.  And since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, you can always have a Post-Valentine's Day party, then maybe all your friends who have dates the previous date you chose will be able to go. :)  Enjoy spontaneity and your party.


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