Cozy Winter Boots!

I've just come inside from shoveling, shoveling and more shoveling! So much snow! I'm now happily curled up inside near the fire and eager to type up a post :)

During the cold winter months, you'll need a cute pair of warm boots to sink your toes into, while still looking fresh and fashionable! Here are some my favorites:

Want a cute pair of Uggs without the price? I found these Ugg knock-offs at Target last year and I'm pleasantly surprised with how well they've held up while only costing $30! I bought the same ones but in chocolate brown :)

These are my second pair of boots. Slouchy boots are in this season and look fabulous with skinny jeans, denim pencil skirt, or with a comfortable sweater dress and leggings! I bought mine at Sears for $30. I love these slouchy boots because they're super cute and feminine and I find them more delicate and soft looking than say, Uggs. The only downside is, due to the slippery soles, they're not very practical for icy weather, so I tend to save mine for church or a quick errand and wear my Uggs (or Ugg knock-offs haha) when the snow is flyin' :)

These are my third pair of boots (I know, I know, a lot. But a girl's gotta have a pair of shoes for every occasion, right? Haha :)
These boots I wear for shoveling, playing outside, and sledding! They were a little pricey ($80), but not too bad seeing as they're Columbia brand and are oh so comfortable and warm! I love them because they're nice and light, (kind of like Crocs material. And heavy snow boots are just so...heavy haha :P) warm, and they don't look to bad if I do say so myself for being snow boots!
(Note: these are not my exact boots, I couldn't find the picture, but these are very similar.)

Well, those are my boots, but enough about me, haha! Here are some other super cute boots I found while surfing the web!
I just love the black buttons up the side on these boots! So cute!
You can find them at Sears for $25.

I think these short little flat slouchy boots (haha I'm not sure what they're called...) are just ADORABLE! Pair them with skinny jeans and long cardigan and you're set to go! You can find them at Payless for $30.

Now I don't know about you...but I LOVE cowgirl boots, haha! These American Eagle western, yet stylish heels can be found at Payless for $40.

Well, there you have it! Pick up a pair of these boots and look stylish for winter but stay toasty warm at the same time! Hope you have a lovely month of February! :)

~Grace <3


  1. boots are like my favorite thing. i have a ridiculous amount of pairs, but most are thrifted (good condition) so not a lot of money. boots are just too great. they might be the ONLY thing I like about winter...

  2. cuuuute!!! Those second ones you mentioned (the black slouchy boots) are at Shoe Carnival for $20. I just saw them today!



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