Spring/Summer Skirts and Dresses!

Don't you just love putting on a light, airy, flowy skirt or dress? I know I love too! It just feels so summery :)

I want to show you some of my favorite summer skirts and dresses that I wear to church, restaurants, or other special occasions (all are from Old Navy, my favorite store!)


Women's Tiered Gauze Skirt (shorter)
This is a super cute drawstring, lined, floral skirt. It may bit too short for you depending upon how short your like your skirts to go and how tall you are, so if it doesn't meet your modesty standards, I'm not encouraging you to wear it.Women's Tiered Gauze Skirt (longer)
How pretty is this? I just love long white flowy skirts!

I was disappointed that Old Navy didn't have as
many longer skirts this year :/ Oh well! I still like the ones they have :)

Women's Tie-Shoulder Tiered Sundress
This was my Easter dress! I wore a yellow three quarter length sweater over it (I don't like wearing spaghetti straps.) It's super cute and comfy and hits just at my knee! It also looks cute with a t-shirt underneath if you want to look casual, but still modest!
This dress also comes in other cute floral patterns and solid colors.
Women's Jersey Sundress
This is a similar style to the dress above, but more casual and would be a great beach cover-up! Or wear it with a sweater for church or shopping with your friends :)
(Note: This dress may be too short for some peop
le. However for me it hits just as the knee and I'm average height.)

Women's Ruffled Dress

A pretty short sleeved, knee length, black dress (comes in other colors) would look great with ballet flats for a night out! You may need a tank top underneath I can't tell.Quick Fashion Tip!
One of my favorite styles is to buy a dress that would be too short otherwise (mid-thigh or even higher) and wear it with skinny jeans or capri jeans! You'll look pretty, stylish, and modest while still being practical and comfortable!
For example, try this sweater (without the tank top of course):Over this tube top:With these Capris:And these t-strap sandals:There you go, girls! I hope you have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

~Grace <3


  1. So cute! My sister wears spaghetti-strap dresses with baby-tee or tank-top underneath and it looks really nice that way.

  2. awesome! thanks for posting. I also found that at oldnavy.com, you can buy 'tall' dresses, which were perfect for me. (even though I'm only 5'5, not that tall... :P but i liked the extra length. :D)




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