Hey girls! If you are anything like me, you are always looking for new ideas for your hair. I'm going to try to help you out a little with some ideas that I've learned! If you click the underlined style names, they will take you to a tutorial on YouTube! Sorry that most of the pictures are awkward ones of me! Haha

  • You've seen it, braided bangs! I love this look, and it keeps my bangs out of my eyes! The style is a simple french braid that starts from your natural part and goes across your head ending an inch or so above your ear. In my braid I like to only add strands from one side of the braid. You can secure the look with a bobby pin or cute clip.
  • Curls! You can never go wrong with curls. There are so many ways to get this style. I like using my cheap half inch iron from Walmart. I don't like to use the clamp, I take a section of hair at a time and wrap it around the rod. I'm hoping to get a clamp-less iron or wand soon to make this process a little simpler!
  • Knot it! If you go searching on YouTube, there are a ton of tutorials that will show you ways to spice up a simple bun, braid, or ponytails with knots! Some of them look super complicated, so I stick with a simple twist that my mom probably did to my hair when I was 5! I tie my hair in a ponytail, loosen it a little, and then divide the hair just above the hair-tie with my fingers. Then I reach through the space I created with my fingers and pull the ponytail through it. I usually braid the rest of the ponytail.
  • Fishtail braid! This braid is becoming so popular! It looks complicated but it's pretty easy once you've practiced a little. I like to wear a fishtail on the side. The only drawback to this style is it can be kind of itchy on your neck!

I hope those ideas can get you started. If you have some of your own favorite hairstyles, comment or let us know on Facebook. I'd love to hear your ideas, my hair is always in need of advice!


  1. You know, there is a way to make your normal curling iron clamp-less! It ends up being a lot cheaper! Check out thebeautydepartment.com for specific details...you basically just unscrew the clamp.

  2. That's funny because right after I posted this I figured out how to take the clamp off mine! It's awesome, and it doesn't leave creases in my hair :)



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