New Series Coming in January!

Starting in January, we have an exciting new series coming up! For the entire month, once a week, we will be sharing beauty products what we consider, the “best of beauty in 2011”. So be sure to stay tuned for this, you will not want to miss it!

The first week of January, we will be sharing our favorite products for the face, the second week we will be sharing our favorite products for eyes, third week lips, fourth week hair, and fifth week, body.

Each of us have different beauty shopping personalities, so here’s a glimpse of what our picks may be like!

Sarah – The Product Junkie
Sarah has tried things high end and low end and just loves beauty products in general. You can find her at the salon where she works getting up to date on the latest in hair and makeup.
Skin Type: Oily/Combination
Hair Type: Straight

Grace – The Bargainista
Grace is always looking for a good deal. You can find her in the beauty isle at all the latest sales or clipping coupons to get the best price possible on her favorite products.
Skin Type: Oily/Combination
Hair Type: Wavy

Erin – The Minimalist
Erin enjoys the freedom of wearing minimal makeup and is often found sporting a natural look. She is just beginning to explore the world of makeup and learning about new products.
Skin Type: Dry/Combination
Hair Type: Straight

Haylie – The Experimenter
Haylie loves trying out all kinds of products, especially when the price is right so she can buy more than one! You can find her experimenting with new products on herself or on her friends!
Skin Type: Oily/Combination
Hair Type: Wavy

Which of us are you most like?


  1. Can't wait! :)

    Just a suggestion - "isle" is actually spelled "aisle." :)

  2. I think i'm a combo of Sarah and Haylie. :) I like having just a bunch of different products, but i also enjoy trying new ones. :D
    And i have naturally curly hair and oily/combination skin.



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