Best of Beauty Week 1: Face

Here are the products for your face we use and recommend!


Sarah: Arbonne FC5 Purifying Cleanser + Toner is great for oily/combination skin like mine. It smells yummy and fruity and is pH balanced so it’s a cleanser and toner all in one. $25

Grace: True Elements Foaming Face Wash. The Nikken True Elements line is super pricey but SO amazing! It's the only thing that keeps my skin clean, moisturized, and oil free! I buy drugstore makeup and hair products, but this skincare line is something that I find is worth the price! $36

Erin: Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser is really easy and affordable. Its keeps my face pretty clear and all I have to do is wash with it the shower! $4

Haylie: Let’s face it ladies, we all get stressed out from time to time. Whether it’s a big test coming up, a family reunion you are not looking forward to or my personal favorite (insert sarcasm) an unexpected ‘visitor’ who brings unwanted ‘gifts’. All of these lead to stress and acne breakouts. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power Gel Cleanser is a miracle worker for the stressed out teenager (or anyone for that matter). It goes deep into the pores and gets rid of all your ‘stress marks’! Hehe! $6


Sarah: Arbonne FC5 Oil Absorbing Day Lotion is awesome! A lot of times when products say they are “oil absorbing”, have a drying effect. This does not. It keeps my face moisturized all day and filters UV rays to protect my face all while doing its job, absorbing excess oil. $39.50

Grace: True Elements Daily Perfecting Cream $44

Erin: Velocity is a skin care line from Mary Kay made especially for teens. Velocity Lightweight Moisturizer leaves my skin healthy and clear and gives it a beautiful glow. Velocity also sells a great cleanser. $12


Sarah: Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup is great! It contains Salicylic Acid so it treats my skin while I’m wearing it. It’s a smooth formula and makes my skin tone look very even and natural. It feels so light on my skin I forget I’m wearing makeup when I have it on! $24.50

Grace: I love Covergirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation because it feels really smooth and hydrating for wintertime but also feels nice and thin like lotion! $10 (I get it much cheaper with sales and coupons!)

Erin: I don’t like wearing heavy foundation, so Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation is great! It evens my skin tone and gives me just the little bit of coverage that I want. $18

Haylie: You my have seen the commercials for Covergirl NatureLuke Silk Foundation with Taylor Swift jumping around trying to act as ‘light as a ballerina’. Well, that is a pretty good picture of this foundation. It really is light! I could hardly tell I had any foundation on! It covers so well and you use about half of what you normally use! (Which is a good things too because the tubes of it are rather small). My bottle lasted through the entire summer! $10


Sarah: I have gone through so many Arbonne Crème Concealers over the years! I have loved them for a long time; they are very creamy and cover well. A lot of other concealers I’ve tried are too liquidy or too cakey or don’t have enough coverage. The consistency of this one is just right! $22

Grace: Covergirl Fresh Complexion Concealer. I love this stuff! It works really well to cover problem areas and the bottle lasts forever! $8


Sarah: Stila Convertible Color in Rose is the perfect winter flushed cheek color, but I love it just as much for the summer. It’s very flattering on me, the color my cheeks would naturally flush to, and I love that’s it’s a cream blush so it blends out well and stays put. Best of all, it’s multi-functioning, you can use it for cheek color or lip color! $25

Grace: I only use my bareMinerals Blush in the winter when my skin needs a little color. I'm not too picky and would usually just use drugstore brand but my mom gave me this blush because she wasn't using it. $19

Erin: Jane Shimmering Blush is great at giving my cheeks a little color and sparkle! Works great on top of my powder foundation. $7

Haylie: How would you like to look sun-kissed year round?! I do! E.L.F. Healthy Glow Bronzer Powder is fine and goes on light and it gives you that sun-kissed look! If you have never tried a bronzer before, I suggest you try this one and try it in the sun-kissed shade like me! I really enjoy it and I think you would too! $1


Sarah: Arbonne FC5 Mattifying Powder is a lifesaver for oily skin! I apply it to my t-zone under my foundation and it absorbs excess oil all day. You can also use it for blotting on top of foundation. The pressed powder is tinted green so it cancels out any redness as well. $25

Erin: This might not be the first acne treating crème that you think of, but Triple Antibiotic Ointment works great at reducing zits and problem areas on your face. Apply at night and look forward to improvements in the morning! $3

Haylie: How many times have you bought a face brush and hated it because it was too rough on your face? I lost count. The E.L.F. Kabuki Face Brush is so soft and it applies your powder or bronzer smoothly across your face without irritating it (or you). The Kabuki (isn’t that fun to say?!) cost $5 and is SO worth it!

What products do you recommend?


  1. Ah. I love Mary Kay! (it doesn't help that my sister is a consultant) (; and Haylie your writing makes me laugh. Of course in a good way! You made everything seem so exciting like you were writing for a commercial! Thanks for keepin up with this blog I check it EVERY day :)


  2. Hey Rachel! Awww you're so cute! that's sooo sweet! I try to make people laugh and I write like I talk so... :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I just started using Clinique. It's okay, but I'm still trying to tackle this oily face issue I have! ARGH!




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