Prom Season!

Hey girls! It's that time of year again, Prom! Girls everywhere are thinking about that special night, who they'll share it with, and what they'll wear! When shopping for the perfect dress, whether it be for prom or another fancy occasion, I'd encourage you to make modesty your top priority. Here are some things to keep in mind!

  1. Cover what needs to be covered! This seems like a ridiculous statement that shouldn't should not need to be said, but I've seen so many girls wearing prom dresses that they should be embarrassed to be seen in. They leave nothing to the imagination, and I will leave it at that! Remember that just because this is a special occasion doesn't mean you should make specially exceptions to your modesty standards. Make sure the dress never shows cleavage, even when you move around. Keep in mind that you won't be standing still all night, and continuously yanking up your gown is not attractive! I would also encourage you to find a dress that isn't sucked tight to your body. Also, if you aren't looking for a floor length dress, make sure that you find a dress that meets your standards in length, even when you are sitting down. Here are some cute modest styles: Love this dress from Nordstrom, which unfortunately is not in the small town that I live in. If you can find a dress with two straps, that's amazing!Halter styles are a great look for a modest gown. This dress, also from Nordstrom isn't my absolute favorite, partly because it's expensive, but it is modest. Luckily, halters are popular this year so I'd keep my eye out. Random dress I found online. I'm keeping with the purple theme :) One shoulder dresses can be very modest. Usually they come up pretty high. If you haven't noticed in store, this style is extremely popular!
  2. Have your parents' approval. You and your parents may have completely different ideas of an appropriate dress. It's important that as daughters that we remember that our parents have much more wisdom and life experience than we do. They might be seeing a problem that you do not recognize as an issue but could really be a stumbling block to guys. Dads are especially great for this. Respect their opinions on the modesty aspect as well as their opinions in style. After all, they are very likely the ones who will be paying for your dress! If you don't have parents who can give you a modest perspective, seek the advice of an older sister in Christ. I love this cheesy photo!
  3. Keep an open mind. It can be very difficult to find a modest prom dress, I know! If you keep your mind open to a variety of styles and options though, you might find just what you're wanting. For one, you could try stores that you might not usually look in. You don't have to shop in an expensive upscale boutique to find a pretty prom dress. Try the department stores and even second hand stores that sell gently worn dresses. You could find a beautiful dress at half the cost. Another thing to definitely keep your mind open to is alterations. You may find a dress that could be modest if you just had a minor alteration done. you might need to add a piece of cloth under plunging neckline or add a strap to a strapless gown. I just bought a strapless dress from JCPenny that I love. It stays up very nicely and keeps me well covered but I would feel more comfortable with straps, so we are having a family friend sew straps onto the dress. She will actually make them from an extra inch of fabric that needs to be hemmed off the bottom of the dress! So whether the dress doesn't quite fit right, or it needs some extra fabric, don't rule out having it altered.

I can't imagine that it would be hard to add fabric underneath the peephole in this dress. If you did that it would be very modest!

I love this dress. It looks pretty high but I would suggest adding either a short-sleeved formal jacket (Bolero) or straps to a dress like this.

Well happy shopping ladies! I hope you find the perfect prom dress!

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