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Please welcome new MSL staff writer, Haylie! (To learn more about her, go to the "About The Staff" page, and scroll to the bottom.)

Haylie is a 15-year-old from Florida whose perfect day is hanging out at the beach with her family and friends, reading a book in the front porch swing with a cup of coffee and watching the moon sparkle on the lake. She plans to one day be an author of teen Christian fiction/devos and a teen girl mentor.

Hiya Chickadees!! Ever wondered how to make sure your clothes are modest? Here are some “dressing room tips” to make sure your clothes are modest before leaving the house – or before you even buy them!!


I want you to raise your arms over your head. Is your stomach showing?

Bend down and touch your toes (If you can! LOL I can’t). Is you lower back showing? Can someone see down your shirt?

Squat down on the floor. Does your back show?

Secret Weapon #1: Tank Tops!!! Long tank tops, lace tank tops, high tank tops! ALL TANK TOPS!! Get lots of them in every color!! Let's bring layering back in!! It used to be SUPER popular, what ever happened to that??

You can buy long ribbed tank tops for the lower back showing problems at Aeropostale for $5. Super cute colors and are way long enough!!

You can buy soft, lace undershirts at JCPenny for $13. That may seem a little pricey, but it is worth it!! Think about it: one white one can modify several things!! Like I said, it's way worth it!!
You can buy ribbed tank tops that come up high (If lace isn't your thing) at Target during the spring and summer for about $10!! It’s worth it!!

Now, some of you maybe thinking that this is not cute at all... well it is!! I do it all the time!! It adds a bit more color to your outfit!! Plus, we could even make it popular again!! You seen the people in Hollywood wear shorts, Converse and colorful tube socks?? That was mine!! I swear it was!! I did it before they did!! By a few months too!! Copy cats! LOL =]

Layering shirts is cute, colorful, fun and MODEST!! Isn’t that what we are going for? LOL

Now take your fingers and pinch the part of your shirt that is in your cleavage line. Is there material loose, or can you hardly grab any?? If you can't grab that part of your shirt then it is too tight. Now let go of the shirt. Does it spring back quickly?? If so, it's too tight.

Other ways of seeing if your shirt is to tight is by asking your dad and/or brother. They will tell you the truth about your clothing. If they don't, tell them why you're asking and see if they open up then. That’s what I have to do! LOL

So, if your shirt is too tight, I suggest you get a bigger size. If you hate the size tag then just cut it off!! LOL! I did that with one shirt because I hated how big I had to get it (I'm sort of small but I have a big chest… sad)


When you put them on are they tight around the thighs? Walk around and stretch them out some. If they are still tight after 15 minutes of walking around, you need new ones.

When you bend over does your back and/or hiney show? Then you need a long tank top or undershirt to wear with it, or get higher rise jeans.

When you’re in the store and you're trying jeans on, make sure that you test them in the dressing room. If they gather, or bunch up, in the back under your hiney, then you need a bigger size. Pants are to fit, but not look like they are painted on you! LOL

If you can't walk in your pants or sit down comfortably then you need a bigger size. Now, I know some of y'all are obsessed with the number on your jeans, but hey, if you don't like the number then cut out the tag. You'll forget soon enough! I had one pair of jeans that I LOVED, but they wear too tight, so instead of the size 4 I usually wore, I had to get a size 9. Yeah, the pants hugged my hiney to much. So, I got home and cut the tag.

Your pants should fit you nicely. They shouldn't be baggy or anything, but they shouldn't be tight. Here’s what I do to make sure they fit. In the dressing room (Yes I actually do this) I will squat on the floor, put my leg up as high as I can and if I can move and not show anyone my hiney (Though I usually have a tank top with me so... LOL), then I know they are good pants! And yes, sometimes when I lift my leg up I hit the wall and my friends laugh! LOL I don't mind! Y'all don't have to be THAT extreme, but I like to have fun with modesty!!



1 Corinthians 12:23


  1. Hope you are having an awesome day.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Cool! I know most of these (other than the pants thing LOL!) and use them frequently! I would love if you would do a "how to dress" series for "well endowed" girls! I have a small waist, and big chest so its hard to find clothes that fit right! I don't think I'm the only one either!:) My Mom keeps telling me other girls would kill for my body type, but its still hard! I know, I know, the grass is always greener on the other side! :) I've dealt with it!

  3. Wow, great tips! Layering is my secret weapon too. And the jeans. I wear a size 2 or 4, but they're too tight! So I go a 9 or 11.

  4. Thank you ladies! You are all to kind!
    Natasha- I will gladly enter in your contest! I just posted my entry on my blog! =] Also, I will happily look into your questions and will post about them soon ! Thank you for your help =]

  5. Thank you for the tips, Haylie! They're really useful!



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