A Girl's Life Fashion Week - Day 1

We’re so excited it’s the first day of our week of stylish modest outfits. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for each theme! Today’s theme is…

Going to the big game
Show your team spirit for you favorite/local/school/college team with style!

Whether or not you’re a sports fan, most of us enjoy going to the games so we can look cute and socialize! What are you wearing to the game tonight? Link below! Direct links only, please.


  1. I know this is totally nothing to do with nothing, but would any of you three girls from Mod Style Lounge be interested in being interviewed on Yours Truly (click my name above to see my blog)? I would love to interview one of you and my readers would certainly enjoy it! Don't worry if you think it's a crazy idea--I just thought I'd put it out there. Can't wait to see the other entries for the comp!
    God bless,


  2. Thanks so much for replying Sarah! That sounds great! I'll wait and see if Haylie replies too. How can I let you know about the questions I'll be asking? Would you want me to email you or post them in a comment? If you want to put your email address in a comment on my blog, I won't publish it, but it's up to you!
    I'm not sure how many questions there would be, maybe 6 or more:-) Thanks again! God bless

  3. I'm super excited for this!
    Just found out about this blog via Haley's blog - and I love it! You girls are doing amazing work :)

  4. Am I too late to post my pictures for the big game?! There was a link earlier that you click to sumbit your entry, but I don't see it anymore. Even if it doesn't count, here's the link to my photos!


  5. I just notised that it says my last comment was posted at 12:35 AM. It's only 11:35 PM where I live, so I guess I should have considered the time change. I understand then if my entry does not count. :(

  6. Since you were unaware of the time change, we won't forget you! We can still count that one since you gave us the link and we know where to find it. =]



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