A Girl's Life Fashion Week - Day 2

Today’s theme is…

Going to a formal
Modest, classy, but not too expensive. How will you pull it off?

Weddings, parties, and Saturday fun! Just don’t stay out too late, church is tomorrow! What are you wearing to the formal event? This can be a tricky one, because party dresses tend to be either expensive or revealing…and a lot of times, both! But you can do it; I believe in you!!! Link below. Direct links only, please!


  1. Hi Sarah!
    Sorry to be a bother again, but I just want to make sure--as my computer has been acting weird lately--that you got my emails?
    The time on my computer is all messed up, so sometimes other people don't get my emails. Sorry if this has happened!
    I had heaps of fun with Day 2 of AGLFW, hope you liked the outfit!
    God bless

  2. Eeek! I was going through all the links that I've posted (RaspberryRainfall) for the contest just now, and I realized that my entry on the "Going to a Formal" doesn't seem to be working. After you click the link I gave you, there's an option of going to "RaspberryRainfall's photostream." I know you said direct links only, but if you click that, it'll bring you to the right page. Hopefully that'll work for you guys!



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