Beauty Tool Box

Let’s face it. We are girls. We use things to enhance our beauty and to keep ourselves healthy and looking our best, and its okay! God told us to take care of our body and that is exactly what we are doing, taking care of the temple of God.

Every girl needs to have a few everyday things in her Beauty Tool Box though, so I have compiled a list of ‘tools’ that will help you look and feel your very best.

1) A good face wash~ By washing your face, you are removing oil, dirt and other nasty things that get on your face and into your pores as the day goes on. I have used many different face washes throughout my life and I’ve come to love two.

I use Neutrogena Grapefruit wash once every three days on my face to exfoliate it. When you exfoliate your skin, you are removing all the dead from your face, leaving it fresh and clean with the new skin. For everyday purposes, I use SeaBreeze. SeaBreeze gets deep into your pores and leaves it all on the cotton ball. Let’s just say, I KNOW this stuff works because I use two cotton balls a night with this stuff.

2) Sunscreen~ I know I’m from Florida and sunscreen is a given here, but this doesn’t mean that anyone who doesn’t live in Florida should not wear sunscreen. Sunscreen prevents wrinkles! (Got your attention now, huh?) Apply a small amount of sunscreen to your face before you apply your foundation or head out for the day. Your face is always exposed to the sun, even on cloudy days.

3) Deep Conditioner~ Curling, straightening, and blow drying, Oh my! Our hair gets hit with heat all the time. It’s good to use a deep conditioner on your hair every three to four days. A good, cheap deep conditioner is Aussie’s Three Minute Miracle. Apply it to the ends of your hair (What you pull up into a ponytail), leave in for three minutes and rinse out. It leaves your hair so soft and smelling like coconut!

4) Skin Moisturizer~ Our skin lacks moisture. To give it more, we are to apply lotion to it once we get out of the bath or shower and then later sometime that day, especially on your knees and elbows (ever notice how dry they can get?). Use a lighter lotion in the summer time and a deeper one in the winter. During the winter, our skin is prone to dryness, so be extra generous on the moisturizer then.

5) Tweezers~ Take a look at your eyebrows. Do they need plucking? Are a few hairs out of place? Look at your eyebrows once and day and make sure they are nice and well-groomed. If you wait a long time, then you have a mess of a brow and you have to take time to pluck them, but if you check once a day, you won’t have that problem!

Do NOT buy cheap tweezers! They do not work as well and you will be more prone to pinching your skin than you would with a nice pair. Bite the bullet, buy the good ones.

6) Loofah~ I love loofahs! That cute little puff ball that always smells like your body wash. Loofahs help exfoliate your skin and they suds up your body wash better than a wash cloth so you end up having to use less! Money saver!

7) Chap Stick~ Our lips get dry all the time. The more we lick our lips, the faster they dry and crack. Keep your Chap Stick on your person at all times. Whenever you find yourself licking your lips, take out you Chap Stick and apply. If you can find some that have SPF in it, buy it! Remember, our face is always exposed to the sun. For a super hydrating boost on your lips, apply generously before you go to bed. You’ll wake up with soft lips.

8) Whitening chewing gum~ A lot of people chew gum with sugar in it and that is not good for your teeth and it’s extra calories you consume on something you’re not even eating. Why waste it? Buy a sugar-free whitening gum and you’ll be cutting calories, whitening your teeth and having fresh breath all at the same time! I like Orbit White. It’s fresh, clean and the commercials make me laugh :D

Alright ladies, I’ve gone over my everyday Beauty Tool Box. What’s in yours?   ~ Haylie


  1. Thanks for the ideas! I've been looking for a new face wash...definitely gonna give those a try!

  2. Thanks for the tips! But I wouldn't chew sugar free gum. Or make that, eat sugar free anything! Aspartame is a chemical that tastes sweet but your body doesn't treat like sugar. In fact, it is worse for you than sugar. I stopped chewing gum period about a year ago and I don't miss it at all! :)

    1. You're right -- aspartame isn't good for your body, but the amounts found in chewing gum are so small that it won't cause a problem.

  3. Great basics! I've really been trying to get control over my skin and hair lately, and just sticking to a basic routine and being consistent has helped tremendously.

    You can use honey and sugar to make a homemade face exfoliator instead of buying one from the store. I wrote about it on my blog -- it's fun and good for you!




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