Ready or Not...School is Back!

School bells are ringing and summer has ended for most of you. For the rest, it’s creeping up on you, maybe too fast! Whether the thought of school makes you so excited you want to rush into the hall and decorate your locker, or it makes you want to hide in your locker, something we all enjoy is back to school fashion and beauty. What will you wear to your first day of school, and how will you do your makeup and hair? If you’re a high school newbie, this may be daunting! But it doesn’t need to be. Here are some ideas to help you get in the school spirit!

Shown in this video is a nice natural look for school, but far from boring!
Want to recreate the look but don’t have the products she used? You can grab these dupes at your local drugstore.


Ponytails, low and sleek are in! It’s super easy for when you’re in a hurry. Add some gel and brush in into a hair tie at the nape for a clean-kept look. If you have time, leave a piece of hair out at the nape and wrap it around the hair tie when you’re finished to add a bit of style.

Try a top knot! I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere. Pull your hair into a sleek ponytail like before, except this time, you’ll want it to be in your crown. Then, loop your hair around just like you’re creating a ballerina bun. Stick a couple pins in and you’re done! Another quick hairstyle for the morning.


Deciding how to dress for school can be a challenge. You want to look cute but still be comfortable since you’re going to be spending all day in these clothes. Here is an outfit idea that is comfy but not frumpy.

Jeggings – these things are awesome! They feel like wearing sweatpants but still look nice. The only downside is they tend to be skin tight (Jeggings = “Jean Leggings”), but I buy a size up and they are perfect.

Big comfy sweaters are so in for fall! They are modest and comfortable. There are so many kinds of sweaters to choose from: lighter material, thick and cozy material, open knit, and more. Be sure to pair these with pants that are more form fitting to keep the look clean.

Autumn means boot season! Knee high boots are very trendy and are a super cute way to finish off this outfit.

What are your favorite ways to be cute but comfy for school? Any quick tips for cutting morning routine times?


  1. I love Ingrid <3 Also the big comfy-grandma sweater trend for fall- an easy look to achieve with a low budget and a trip to goodwill :D

  2. I love Ingrid's videos!

    If you're apply foundation in a rush, use your fingers instead of a brush -- it will warm up the formula and give you a more natural look.

    Always set your makeup with translucent powder to keep your skin from getting to shiny.

    A messy side braid is a great way to help you out on a bad hair day -- and it looks super chic.

    Hope these tips help someone! (:

    God bless,
    Melissa Renee

  3. Great tips, Melissa!
    I absolutely adore Ingrid as well(:



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