Here's What's in for Fall Fashion...

     Fall is creeping up on us, and with it are new trends and warmer clothes.  I absolutely love the trends for this season!  Ok, I say that every season, but it’s true! Here's what's in for fall fashion...


     Printed jeans/jeggings are really popular this season.  For regular jeans, boot cut, straight, and skinny are what I've seen the most of. (The jeans and jeggings are from American Eagle.)

     I think these jeggings are super cute!  Tribal print is on a lot of stuff this year; not just jeans!

     Colored jeans are still popular, but I see it paired with a neutral top most of the time now.  You could still wear it with a colorful top though because color blocking is still in!

Tops & Jackets
     Sweaters and cardigans are back!  It's all about warm and cozy sweaters this season.  (The first sweater is from American Eagle, the next two are from Forever 21, and the last two are from J. Crew.)

     I've seen a lot of people doing this where they wear a collared shirt under their sweater, and I think it's super cute!!!



     Chambray shirts have been in for a while, but a lot more people have been wearing them this season.  The first shirt is from American Eagle and the second one is from GAP.

     This is sort of similar to collars, but neck ties on shirts have been getting more popular recently.  (The shirt is from Forever 21.)

     Sheer shirts are also back!  I'm really glad because I think they're super cute! (The shirts are from Forever 21.)

      Blazers are a staple for your wardrobe; you can wear them no matter what the season is!  Colored blazers are really popular, but neutral is just as popular and it goes with everything!  The blazer is from Forever 21.


     Leather has become really popular.  Whether its shorts, pants, jackets, shoes, or even skirts, they have it in leather!  I think both of these are super cute and they could be worn with tights if they're too short or when it gets cold out.  The skirt is from DKNY and the shorts are from Free People. 


     Moccasins are super comfy and they keep your feet warm.  These are a taupe/tan color, which is really popular for shoes right now.  The moccasins are from American Eagle.

     Oxfords are super popular this season; you can get them in leather, leopard, floral, and a ton of other prints!  I think they're super cute, and they're not just your ordinary every day flats. 

      Loafers (aka penny loafers) are another shoe that is something unique and different than just a regular flat or heel.  Loafers look really good with just jeans and a pretty basic top.  These penny loafers are from American Eagle.

           This is a loafer wedge from America Eagle.

     Tall, simple boots are everywhere.  They really remind me of riding boots.  Boots are a great investment for fall/winter, especially if it gets cold where you live.  During the winter, I usually wear boots 90% of the time. (The boots are from American Eagle.)


     Collars are really in.  Not just the ones that come on a shirt, but now you can buy separate collars or necklace collars.  I personally think they're super cute!  Here's a DIY video for collars.  DIY - The Collar Craze        (The collars are from ASOS and the necklace is from Forever 21.)

      Brooches are coming back; and I'm not really sure how I feel about that.  Layered necklaces, lots of bangles on your arms, studded bracelets (or anything studded), and chunky rings are also what's in for jewelry.  For you head, woven headbands are popping up everywhere and slouchy beanie hats are back.  Scarves are in this season (as always), I've seen a lot of printed ones, mostly floral.  For purses, small crossbody bags are still in, but bigger bags, like totes, satchels, and big structured handbags are back.  I really like Coach's new handbags; they're simple and very chic. New Arrivals From Coach

More trends... 

     The colors this season are metallic, mustard yellow, wine, and black & white together.  For patterns, plaid, leopard, tribal, floral, and stripes are what you should look for.  Lace is everywhere; it's on shirts, skirts, dresses, jewelry, and even shoes. 

      I'm not really showing this dress for any reason. I just think it's super cute!!  Floral is still here for fall and I think this is a super cute dress that you could wear.  The dress is from Lulu's.
     What is your favorite fall trend?  Let me know in the comments! Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone! (:
Becca <3


  1. What a fun post! I love the sweaters.




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