The Skinny On Skinnies

Hey girls! Guess what season it is?! Jeans season! I live for the fall and winter wardrobe. There's nothing like a pair of comfy, flattering jeans that you can wear with anything. Jean trends are always changing but one trend that has remained for quite some time now is the skinny jean! Slim around the thights and calves, tight on the ankles, they usually come in several denim washes as well as every bright color you can think of. Every store sells them, and almost every girl owns a pair or two!

As Christian girls, we want to stay up with fashion and look attractive, but I also think it's important that we look at style from a perspective of modesty. I want to make it clear that this is not a hate post about skinny jeans! I'm not bashing the style or people that wear them in any way, just want to help you wear them modestly and make wise decisions when you're shopping. :)

What do guys think?

Do you ever wonder what guys think of your clothes? It's easy to think that they don't care. What fashion sense do guys have? Ok they might have absolutely none, but we'd be surprised how much they actually notice. Guys are visually oriented and the clothing we wear can cause their minds to wander too far if we're not careful.
I recently found a survey online that asked young men their opinions about how modest certain women's clothing styles were. The survey was meant to be a wake up call to young women, and it really is. It is run by the Christian website and movement, the Rebelution. They asked teens and men whether they agreed or disagreed with certain statements. For example, in response to the statement, "Miniskirts are immodest," 94% of guys agreed or strongly agreed, and many men submit further statements to clarify. The survey is quite an eye opener. I encourage you to check it out, but in the meantime I'm going to use some of the results.

In response to:

"Jeans are immodest"
78% disagreed. I guess we can breath a sigh of relief, although I'm not sure how to
please the remaining 22% :P One young man replied saying,

"No- it's the characteristics of the individual pair of jeans (if they're "so tight you have to squeeze yourself into them", or so distressed that they barely cover you anyway) that determines their modesty."

"Skin-tight jeans are a stumbling block"
76% agreed with this statement. Jeans that leave nothing to the imagination are hard for boys not to notice...and hard for them to get out of their minds. Some mystery is definitely a good thing. Guys had a lot to say about this:

"This is to much of an invite to study your curves. Sisters, leave these jeans at the store."

"Obviously, guys are visually-oriented. And girls' legs move a lot. Yeah."

"Pants that follow a girl's curves are modest as long as they aren't skin-tight."
60% of guys agreed, another 20% weren't quite sure. Modest jeans don't have to be wide legged parachute pants! A good pair of jeans will flatter your figure, but not give everything away. One guy said this:

"Emphasis on the "as long as they aren't skin-tight." Girl's legs are supposed to be more beautiful than, say, guys' legs. God made them that way. It's only immodest when a girl tries to emphasize her legs too much."

Obviously, our jeans can become an issue to the guys around us. How do we keep this from happening? Shop wisely, dress purely.

Dressing Room Tests

You've found a pair of jeans, wonder if they're modest? Ask yourself these questions.
  • Are you squeezing into them? Can you button them? Are you loosing circulation to your legs??? These seem like funny questions, but don't forget to make sure the jeans fit. Make sure they're not too tight or warping around the crotch, thighs, and bottom area. If they don't fit, there's no shame! Just try a different size or style. Buying a size up can be a major help when shopping for skinny jeans anyway. If the number on the tag bothers you, cut it out!
  • Do they have any mystery to them? We heard what the guys had to say. Tight jeans can easily become stumbling blocks. You probably don't want to give away your every curve anyway, so make sure there's a little room in your pants. If your legs look spray painted blue with pockets slapped on the back, they're too tight!
  • Are they flattering? I would encourage you to be aware of jean cuts that flatter your personal figure. I wrote an article about this last fall, different body shapes look better with different styles. Skinny jeans may be popular, but they aren't the most flattering on every figure. If you don't feel that skinnies flatter your figure, you might try a straight jean (I personally love them).
Before you buy that pair of jeans, just make sure that they pass your modesty standards; They should enhance your figure without giving every inch of it away.

Dressing Purely

I love these Jeans haha!
Modesty is widely determined by your actions and motives, as well as the clothes you wear. Why do you want to wear that pair of jeans? Is it because you think they look nice, or is it so you can get the guy you like to notice your body? Whether we admit to thinking those kind of things, it happens. Just make sure you're keeping your motives and body pure when choosing what you're going to wear. Just a few dressing tips when it comes to skinny jeans?
  • Don't dry them. I guess this doesn't have to do with dressing, but if you're worried your jeans will shrink, just hang them to dry and then iron them before you wear them. It helps a lot!
  • Pair them wisely. One of the reasons guys in the survey said they thought overly skinny jeans were immodest is because they're usually paired with tight tops. If your jeans are already a little form fitting try wearing a looser shirt or blouse so that your entire figure isn't revealed.
  • If they're too tight, cover the butt! I don't mean to be crude here, but if the jeans are too tight on your bottom it's a good idea to wear a long shirt or tunic over them. This makes for a cute style anyway! Stick a thin belt around the waist and you're cute and covered :)

I hope this post helps! Skinny jeans can be super cute, just keep modesty in mind! One statement in the modesty survey that almost every guy agreed with was:

Despite rampant immodesty all around us,
Girls who choose to dress modestly do make a difference.


  1. I thought this was a very helpful post thank you.

  2. I totally agree with you! I have gone through this checklist in my head so many times :). It's easy to not think about what guys think, but it really does matter! Anyway, great post!

    P.S. Modest (but cute) skirt giveaway here...

  3. Thanks girls! And very cool Hannah!

  4. Hi! I'm Emily:)
    I always try to dress modestly, although I am not a Christian myself. My dad thinks it's important that I go to his Mormon church, though, and one of the youth leaders asked me to spearhead a "fashionable but modest" activity, since I suppose I am the fashionista of the group. In addition to giving the girls advice about how to put together modest outfits, I showed them this post I had found when searching for blogs to share. I just wanted to say thanks and that we all really liked your tips-especially the "are they cutting off your circulation?" dressing room test:)
    Oh, and I particularly agree about the tight shirt/tight top comment. Skinnies and flowy tops are so pretty together!



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